Netcentric Deutschland GmbH

Netcentric Deutschland GmbH
Landsberger Str. 110, 80339 Munich
Telefon: +49 89 121405761

Founded in 2012, Netcentric builds web solutions for the leading brands in the world across all industries. Our team is based in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania and Colombia.

As an Adobe Solution Partner, we work with exciting brands from around the globe, building and optimising digital marketing solutions. All of our implementations are based on the Adobe Marketing Cloud: one of the most complete and innovative web marketing products on the market.

In all our offices, you will find a culture that embraces over 35 different nationalities in some of the world’s most exciting cities. When we set up our offices, we made sure they would have great views, nice kitchens and places to relax.

Oh, did we mention that we don’t have bosses at Netcentric? We live Holacracy.


Netcentric delivers enterprise and corporate high quality solutions making use of OSS technologies combined with proprietary software from Adobe.

Backend implementations make use of Apache´s Jackrabbit (JCR integration), Felix (OSGi modularisation), and Sling (Web framework). This stack optimally fits all Adobe products implementations thus making software integrations smooth tasks, either within the Adobe's stack or with third parties APIs and applications. Jenkins and Maven give us a hand when it comes to CD/CI strategies.

In the Frontend space we also focus on OSS and make use of what has been proven to be the best frameworks for web/hybrid-mobile application development. We pay a lot of attention to technology trends. We always evaluate them and incorporate them when their value has been successfully proven.

Depending on project needs we use  Angular, Backbone, JQuery or vanilla JavaScript. At the moment we are also contemplating Angular2 and Redux frameworks for our apps. We build scalable styles with Sass and Less while Susy helps us getting pixel-perfect highly-adaptable grid systems in place.

Our frontend build is based on Node.js, Gulp and Webpack, it´s shared across projects and enables them with cutting edge optimisations for delivering high performant websites. SVG sprites, icon fonts, critical rendering path, unused css and font normalisation are examples of such optimisations.

We love agileness and so we enable our projects with hot-deployment architectures. Quality is also hard coded on our minds, and so is the usage of quality assertion tools such Sonar, Eslint, Tslint, Selenium, Total Validator, a11y, etc.

Are you already curious? Do you want to know more? Feel free to ask at NetcentricHQ: